Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
ISSN: 1877-0428

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Advisory Editors: A. D'Arcy, Jay D. Gatrell, R. Kleinsasser, E. Kyndt, Y. Li, J. W. Slocum Jr., C. Wekerle
guide for author

All submissions to jorhm are handled electronically. Manuscripts must be submitted online via Editorial Manager (EM), a fully web-based submission, peer-review, and tracking system. Upon submission authors should specify to which section the paper belongs. 

New Authors: If you are submitting via this new system for the first time, you will first be required to register. From the account you create, you will be able to monitor your submission and make subsequent submissions.

Papers must be submitted with full address(es) and fax number(s) and e-mail address(es) of the author(s).

Abstracts should not be more than 300 words long.

Sections should be numbered with arabic numerals. Each page of the manuscript should be numbered.

Notation should be legible, compact, and conform to current practice. Each symbol must be clear - either neatly typed or written in ink - and properly aligned so that superscripts and subscripts are easily distinguishable.

Footnotes should be indicated in the text with superscript letters: a, b, c, etc.

Indicators such as Proposition, Theorem, Proof, Lemma are in boldface, and the statements of theorems, lemmas and corollaries in italics.

References are numbered consecutively in arabic numerals in alphabetical order of the author's name and are designed by number in square brackets in the next. For journal references, the standard abbreviations for journal names should be used. They should be listed in a separate sheet at the end of the text material. The general format preferred is indicated below:

  1. Z. Sela, Acylindrical accessibility for groups, Invent. Math. 129(3) (1997), 527-565.
  2. C. J. Earle, Teichmuller theory, in Discrete Groups and Automorphic Functions, ed. W. J. Harvey, Academic Press, 1977, pp. 1-100.
  3. S. L. Ma, Polynomial Addition Sets, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Hongkong, 1985.
  4. A. Wilansky, Summability Through Functional Analysis, North-Holland, 1984.

Figures should be numbered in arabic numerals in the order of appearance in the text. (The size of printed figures cannot exceed 5 × 7.5 in.)

Tables should be numbered with roman numerals in the order of appearance. Every table must have a caption, which should be typed above the table.

Every submitted paper will be acknowledged and refereed.

There is no page charge.The first author will receive a final PDF file.

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